A chair suitable not only for the church

The influence of the time can also be seen in the continual replacement of classic elegant pews with chairs. It is just wooden church chairs that bring a new wind and gentle touch of modernity to the ancient church spaces, funeral homes or church communities.

The church chair also enjoys extraordinary popularity in civilian institutions such as theatres and auditoriums”

CHURCH CHAIR: Stylish cushiness

Most of those who have visited a sanctuary at least once, are associating a sitting in church with hard, cold pews that represent everything but comfort. The CONFER church chair is a kind of hybrid between a classic church pew, a padded half-armchair and a classic chair.

The best quality in the European upholstery market

Thanks to the materials of the highest quality and the fact that themanufacturerputs emphasis on ergonomics and comfort in production, it is a modern, flexible and full-fledged version of the sacral pew. In addition, the shaped backrest of the church chairjust at the right height is a guarantee of comfort even with longer seating.

At the time of production, it is important to think one step forward, so the chair can be made even more special with interesting accessories such as a folding writing desk, foldable kneeler, bag hook, storage for bible or hymnbook, etc.

Top stackability

Since time immemorial, sacred buildings have left a strong impression on us, which is also supported by the play of light, airiness and openness of the space. Thanks to its minimalist design, the CONFER church chairsenhance this atmosphere and thus do not absorb the optical space of the building.

With their design and weight,wooden church chairsare adapted to make them as easy to handle as possible. They are extremely flexible, they can be joined together in series or next to each other, making it possible to create a monolithic church pew and maintain the intimacy of each visitor.

Although the transferring of church furniture is not happening too often, it is sometimes necessary and cannot be avoided. Thanks to their shape and low weight (5-6 kg), stackable church chairscan be stacked in 5-6 pieces without any difficulties, and then safely transferred or stored as needed.

CONFER church chairs can underline the charm and softness of the space, breathe new life into it and make this place even more enjoyable.


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